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to realize the idea, create an event or help to the needy.

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4 models for raise funds on the Internet, built on the final amount and the date of completion.



Statistics of raise funds. Instruments for the promotion at social networks.



Accept payments with bank cards, electronic money and transfers from companies. All currencies. All countries.



Instant download by mobile communication. Responsive design for phones, tablets and computers.


A modern solution for raising funds. is a solution for people who are ready to publicly present new social initiatives in order to find like-minded people and realize their plans: a business project, a non-profit event or targeted assistance to those who it deserves it.

Create a fund-raising page

1. Describe your goals

Create a detailed description of the idea, project or event for which you plan to raise funds. A detailed description of the goal increases the chances that the visitor of the page will become a sponsor.


2. Set the conditions

Choose a model for raising funds and set up comments on the page - create a precedent for involving visitors in the discussion and disseminating information on social networks. Build trust relationships with visitors who are willing to fund initiatives. To do this, provides additional settings:
- commenting blocks: Disqus, Facebook, VK; 
- Notification to the sponsor when receiving the transfer; 
- connect analytics Google and Yandex; 
- Widgets for the site and emails.


3. Collect money

For sponsors and good Internet users, we have connected popular payment methods available in each country:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • MIR
  • QIWI
  • Yandex money
  • WebMoney


How much can I collect?

Limitations on the amount of the project are not available, but before creating a page for raising funds, we recommend that you calculate the necessary funds. incorrect calculation will scare away sponsors. Large amounts of collecting is not easy - you need diligence and knowledge. Before starting the collection of funds as an individual, study in detail the legislation in the field of taxation - for amounts in excess of 1`000`000 rubles, we recommend issuing IP or LLC.

About us

From 2010 to the present day is created and works thanks to a team of like-minded people. Founded in 2010, the period of development of world crowedging projects, popularizes the idea of collective financing in Russia. Experience, reputation, continuous improvement of the project and methods of attracting the Internet audience to participate in user initiatives is the foundation of's work.

Statistics for July 1, 2018

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Our tariffs determine the availability of models for collection of funds to the user.
The fee for processing payments does not depend on the tariff and is 7.5% of the successful payment amount, including fees bank and payment systems.



90 days 

One page for fundraising on the "A certain amount by a certain date" model.

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per month

Ability to create up to 3 projects on the following models:
1. A certain amount by a certain date; 
2. A certain amount without limiting the period of fund-raising;

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per month

Ability to create up to 10 projects on the following models:
1. A certain amount by a certain date; 
2. A certain amount without limiting the period of fund-raising; 
3. Any amount by a certain date; 
4. Any amount without limiting the period of fundraising.

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The services provided, as well as methods of payment for the collected funds, may not be available in all countries. Before registering with, check the availability of services and payment methods for your country.

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